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In some real estate disputes, it's not just about money

Every real estate dispute has the potential to be costly to resolve, whether there is commercial or residential property involved. However, money isn't always the most important part of the problem, or the solution. 

In some cases, protecting your rights as a property owner is the top priority. This point can be illustrated by one recent case involving a homeowner, a homeowners' association and a mailbox. 

Fashion companies setting trends for mergers, acquisitions

Making the decision to merge with or acquire another company is not something that business owners do lightly or on a whim. These transactions have the potential for great success or failure, so it is crucial that they be made after thorough research and consideration of what is in a company's best interests.

With all that being said, though, there are trends that affect these transactions. While not exactly fleeting, the trends can prompt shifts toward or against "traditional" thinking and often have an impact on a business owner's decisions on what to do.

Is your employee handbook up to snuff?

Creating an employee handbook or manual can go a long way in directing your employees with regard to workplace expectations, approved practices and problem-solving measures. These handbooks can also protect employers from various lawsuits filed by employees.

However, simply having a manual will not be effective if it is incomplete, inaccurate or often disregarded. In order to ensure you have an employee handbook that is valuable and useful, employers should take some time to assess whether their current manual has the following elements.

Don't disregard your digital assets

When you create your will or establish a trust, one of your top priorities is likely to keep loved ones from having to deal with ugly legal battles and personal disputes in the wake of your passing. Having a comprehensive estate plan can go a long way in doing this, though it can be easy to overlook certain details. These oversights can unfortunately cause the very problems you hoped to avoid.

Digital assets are among those details that people often overlook. After all, we can't exactly see these things, and oftentimes they are protected by considerable privacy measures, so others may not even know they exist. After you pass away, however, they could cause some legal headaches during the probate process unless you address them in your estate plan. Below are some of these common digital assets.

What to know if bad reviews are threatening your business

These days, anyone with a phone, tablet or computer can speak their minds about any company through an online review. Unfortunately, these reviews don’t always give the full story, especially in cases of a bad experience.

Reviewers can fabricate intentions, lie about the terms of an agreement or simply leave out the parts of a story that make the reviewer look bad. Because of this, it is generally best to take these reviews with a grain of salt. However, in some cases, a bad review might actually be grounds for legal action.

Why correct language in freelance contracts is critical

For many growing businesses, it makes far more sense to hire employees on a part-time or contract basis. Working with independent contractors instead of direct-hire employees can be much more cost effective.

As the employer, you don't have to worry about certain costs, such as employment taxes. In some cases, you may still have to obtain workers' compensation coverage for contractors, but you should have an attorney review your business model beforehand. Working with independent contractors allows you to grow your workforce as needed and end contracts when work and income is slow.

My neighbor is obstructing my view: What can I do?

California is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the country, whether you are on the beach, in the heart of a bustling city or out in picturesque vineyards and hillsides. Homeowners and developers alike seek to capitalize on this beauty, making locations with views among the most desirable in the state.

Considering how vital views are in California real estate, it should not be surprising that they are also at the center of many disputes. Residents (or builders) often clash when it comes to view-blocking vegetation like trees. In these situations, there are specific rules for how and if obstructions must be dealt with.

What California employers need to know about drug testing

Among other things, the trend over recent years toward the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes has sparked a new conversation about how employers should manage the complicated and sometimes hazy legal issues regarding their workers' drug use.

What often appear to be inconsistencies and contradictions between federal and state drug testing policies can make things difficult for private employers. However, some clarifications can make things easier as employers work to create a safer working environment.

Rebranding, renaming in the wake of a merger or acquisition

Any business transaction that results in the formation or demise of a company presents an opportunity for business owners to reexamine their company and its strategy. Part of this strategy includes how the business is presented to and acknowledged by clients, consumers and other businesses.

In some cases, it is wise to present a new company with a new name and branding to make it clear that it is indeed a new entity. In other cases, it may be best to keep the name and branding the same. Before you decide on whether to change or stay the same, you should consider a few things.

Trump appointment may lead to more permissive approach to mergers

Merging with or acquiring another company are incredibly complex business transactions. There are negotiations to make, interested parties to notify, transition teams to build and financial factors to assess.

Once all these steps are taken and a plan is in place, the only thing standing between you and the new business (if the deal is valued at at least $78.2 million) is the approval from the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. However, before you dismiss this step as a formality, you should know that the FTC and DOJ could block the merger if it seems anticompetitive.

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