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Conflicts arise when loved ones disagree on estate plans

The death of a loved one can take a considerable toll on any friend or family member; this is especially true if the death is unexpected. Under these circumstances, people can be consumed by grief, anger and confusion. Unfortunately, this is the state in which people find themselves when they are confronted with estate planning issues.

Because of this, it is not unusual for disputes to arise between children, spouses, partners and other loved ones touched by the passing. This appears to be what is happening between the widow and sons of the late actor Alan Thicke.

Reports indicate that the sons and widow have been battling over details of Thicke's estate and public accusations since the actor passed away last year.

There have been several allegations made since then. The sons accuse Thicke's widow of trying to invalidate the couple's 2005 prenuptial agreement, and they are fighting to keep control over many of Thicke's assets, including a family ranch. They also say she has made threats of releasing information to the public unless the sons complied with her demands for property.

Thicke's widow, on the other hand, is claiming that the sons are the ones creating the public turmoil. She also says that she is not trying to invalidate the prenuptial agreement, even though there may be grounds to do so. She says that she only wants the portion of the estate she deserves.

Unfortunately, disputes like this can and do arise when family members do not get along or agree on how to interpret a deceased loved one's wishes. However, you can minimize the opportunity for these conflicts by creating a clear, updated and valid estate plan. Reviewing them regularly and making sure they are consistent can provide clarity and critical guidance during a difficult time.

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