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The love-hate life of a property manager

Landlords often get a bad rap, even in the world of fiction. TV shows and movies often portray landlords as sleazy or miserly unless they are depressed and apathetic. If you are a property manager, you may either find these stereotypes entertaining or insulting. Even if you aren't the owner of the building, your job managing the property may be something you take seriously and do with pride.

Undoubtedly, you have your share of problems, as any manager does. Although your work may be flexible and refreshingly unpredictable, you may also deal with some of the frustrations common to those who manage rental properties.

A landlord's work: never done

If your forte is doing the necessary repairs on the property, you may not look forward to your encounters or disputes with the residents. In fact, for many property managers, dealing with a variety of temperaments and personalities among the tenants is one of the most difficult parts of their jobs. Nevertheless, as a property manager, you may find that handling those situations takes up a large part of your time.

The surest way to reduce the conflicts among your tenants is to carefully vet them before renting to them. Having a thorough screening process in place may go a long way toward ensuring that tenants pay their rents on time, units are well-cared for and residents live in respectful harmony.

Some other frustrations landlords often meet with include:

  • Being on call day and night
  • Managing leases, contractor invoices, tax documents and mounds of other paperwork
  • Making emergency repairs
  • Facing unit damage from tenants
  • Evicting renters

Evicting a tenant is seldom easy, and California law requires you to follow careful procedures to protect the rights of the tenant. Aside from the legal aspects, you may have emotional reasons for dreading to serve a tenant with an eviction notice since eviction may leave a tenant homeless. However, if renters are not paying on time or are otherwise breaking the terms of the lease, you often have no choice but to start the process to remove them from the property.

While the challenges a property manager faces may be complex, many find it a rewarding job, especially when they have the assistance of a legal advocate. Having professional advice and guidance will certainly prove advantageous in situations such as evictions, tenant disputes and other difficult legal issues common to property management.

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