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Protect the future of your company with a strong succession plan

As a California business owner, you strive to protect the interests of your company every day. From smart financial planning to purchasing inventory, you devote a large portion of your time to ensuring that things run smoothly and without issue. With all of the planning you do from day to day, it is beneficial to remember to plan for the future of your business as well.

Protecting your business interests with employee contracts

If you own a business in California, you know that one of the most potentially complex aspects of operating your own company is effectively managing employment matters. If you have employees or expect to expand and hire additional help in the future, it is smart to know how to protect your interests as an employer. One way is through effective employment contracts. 

Creating a harassment-free workplace

It is unlikely you have missed the news stories about the many women coming forward to accuse powerful men of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. While the details of these encounters may have horrified you, they also may have caused you to take a closer look at the policies in your own business.

Is an LLC the right business structure for your company?

Starting a business is a process that will require you to make many difficult decisions. The start-up process can be complex and fraught with challenges, and one of these issues could be choosing the right structure for your business. Opening a business involves much more than just having a great idea and putting a sign on your door.

Your HR department can help prevent trouble with employees

Business owners understand the importance of an efficient staff. Employees who feel appreciated and know what they're doing can help a company to run smoothly. When this happens, it may be easy to let important things slide. After all, why worry about events that may not happen?

Partnership agreements come with a side order of success

If you have ever endured a tedious conversation in which you and another person repeatedly defer to one another about where to go for lunch, you already know the challenges in store if you decide to go into business with a partner. Two minds are not always better than one, especially if they have no framework in which to make vital decisions.

The love-hate life of a property manager

Landlords often get a bad rap, even in the world of fiction. TV shows and movies often portray landlords as sleazy or miserly unless they are depressed and apathetic. If you are a property manager, you may either find these stereotypes entertaining or insulting. Even if you aren't the owner of the building, your job managing the property may be something you take seriously and do with pride.

Avoiding discrimination allegations during the hiring process

Your business is important to you, and you likely want your employees to represent you well. Additionally, you certainly want your workers to get along and share a common workplace philosophy. Finally, when you consider candidates for open positions in your company, you probably want someone who is not going to place you or your brand at risk.

What you can do to avoid employee complaints

Running a business requires you to make numerous decisions on a daily basis that may help increase its success. If you have employees, this includes keeping the workplace free from discrimination, harassment and other activities and behaviors that create a hostile work environment.

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