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Krispy Kreme lawsuit filed over sticky issue

A woman in California filed a lawsuit against Krispy Kreme, the giant of doughnut chains, complaining that the company misled her into choosing its apple fritter as a supposedly healthier choice over its other deep-fried and delicious delicacies.

Small shareholder sues Uber

Uber has seen its fair share of lawsuits in the last few years. Some of the lawsuits are arguably growing pains for a company that virtually exploded in size once it hit an apparently massively underserved and untapped market around the nation.

3 reasons to consider alternatives to litigation

If you own a business, you are likely willing to go to great lengths to protect it. And between the emotional attachment you may have and the investments you have already made in the business, your instincts might tell you to be as aggressive as possible when it comes to pursuing methods of protection.

Millennial entrepreneurs: legal resources available, essential

A recent report highlights the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the younger generation. In fact, the study conducted by America's SBDC indicates that millennials are poised to be the most entrepreneurial generation yet, as they have a greater desire to start businesses than any other generation.

What to know if bad reviews are threatening your business

These days, anyone with a phone, tablet or computer can speak their minds about any company through an online review. Unfortunately, these reviews don’t always give the full story, especially in cases of a bad experience.

Trump appointment may lead to more permissive approach to mergers

Merging with or acquiring another company are incredibly complex business transactions. There are negotiations to make, interested parties to notify, transition teams to build and financial factors to assess.

The future of your business can rest on how you protect it today

If you are an employer at a tech company, you know that your business thrives or fails based on the ability to innovate. It's not just about keeping up with the market, it's about defining it and behind ahead of the curve. 

Study: Business landscape presents legal challenges for employers

A recent report found that, for the first time in decades, many areas across the country are seeing more businesses close than open. The article, which can be read in full here, specifies that metro areas have been hit the hardest by this troubling trend. It also notes that this phenomenon isn’t confined to just one type of business or industry.

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